Leather sofas can’t be scrubbed with water?!

//Leather sofas can’t be scrubbed with water?!

Leather sofas can’t be scrubbed with water?!

Leather sofa maintenance

As a smart housewife, you should know about leather sofa maintenance.

  • The leather sofa has a slight dirt, and it can be cleaned directly with “furniture maintenance wax”.
  • When the leather sofa is seriously polluted, it not only loses its original luster, but also the dirt is penetrated into the true fur. To clean these dirt, it is necessary to use a special steam machine and a special cleaning agent for the sofa.


  • When using the sofa steam machine to clean the sofa, do an experiment in the inconspicuous place to see if the color of its cortex is faded, such as discoloration.
  • After cleaning, a layer of protective liquid should be given to the sofa to prevent the fouling from infiltrating into the pores of the cortex and causing two pollution..It is best to use the soft soft wax for the leather sofa, otherwise the cortex will become hard and quickly aging.
leather sofa maintenance

Two suggestions of leather sofa maintenance:

First: buy a leather sofa at home, the first “wax maintenance” to the sofa and a layer of protective film, in order to avoid dust and sweat into the pores on the sofa, it was hard to clean.

Second: use the “maintenance wax” every month to clean up the sofa once, in summer, because people sweating more, every week should be maintained once a week..It’s hard to clean the couch until it’s dirty, and it’s hard to clean it. Furthermore, many cleansers on the cortex are hurt, when the cleaning is difficult to see, for a long time is the problem, real leather sofa, the leather is very valuable, as the same as human skin, need to maintain, only the good maintenance, your leather sofa can be a long time as new to bring you the enjoyment of life.

Be careful about leather sofa maintenance:

1, do not use water to scrub the leather sofa, the long time will make the cortex hard, lose the soft feeling;
2, do not use any cleaning agent to clean the sofa. First, it will make the cortex fade. Two, it will harden the cortex. Once the sofa is dirty, we must ask the professional housekeeping company to clean it.

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